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“BBQ Pop-up and Bokamper’s Menu Takeover”

Are you ready to get “All Fired Up?” Bokamper’s steps into summer with a license to grill!  Miami Football legend Kim Bokamper and his South Florida family have been cooking up something delicious. 

Launching April 29th, just in time for National BBQ Month, Bokamper’s Miramar will be home to Kim Bokamper’s debut culinary pop-up experience, Bo’s BBQ! Inspired by Kim Bokamper’s love for BBQ, the Bokamper’s team is moving in two 15-ton smokers and turning their waterway seating into “Bo’s Back Porch” to create an immersive BBQ experience for families and friends. Along with a new BBQ menu and extended late-night hours, Bo’s BBQ will add a full spread of “Bo’s BBQ Favorites'' to their already award-winning food items. Bo’s favorites include fresh prime cut brisket, baby back & spare ribs, pulled pork, slow-smoked chicken, and custom sausage all cooked low and slow with Bo’s Signature Rub in “Bo’s Smoker'' for up to 15 hours!  And of course, no BBQ feast would be complete without Bo’s secret mouth-watering bbq sauce. 

Additionally, our waterfront cocktail bar (now open Friday and Saturdays until 2 a.m) will offer delicious new Southern-themed BBQ-inspired cocktails including “Steer That Stag,” “Not Your Mama’s Apple Juice,” and “Man, Go For That Tequila!” A DJ will keep the crowd moving and grooving on these late summer nights, and of course, Bokamper’s will always be “The Best Game in Town” for all of your sports viewing needs!

So follow the smell of the smokers to Bo’s BBQ  where we will be grillin’ and chillin’ all summer long because we know… where there’s smoke there's flavor!